My Alpine Gem Show Display

My Alpine Gem Show Display

Last weekend, April 14, 15 16, was the 28th Annual Alpine Gem and Mineral Show in Alpine, TX.  The rock club which presents the show asked me to make a display of the rocks from ‘The Carver’ for the show.  The display received good reviews and can be seen by you in the new gallery of pictures if you missed the show or if you saw the rocks at the show and want to view them in greater detail.  The purpose of the display was not necessarily to show the prettiest rocks, but rather to show the widest possible variation/diversity in terms of color, types of agates, types of geodes and agatized opalized breccia.  If you consider, as you review the display, that each rock is markedly different from every other rock, you will get the point I was trying to make with the display.

The specimen that I am holding wearing my gem show t-shirt was found last week very near to the ‘tailgate’ rocks.  It is part of a beautiful crystalline pocket, the rest of which was also recovered. Shout out to Paul Graybeal of Moonlight Gemstones who organized the show and did a great job!

Be sure to visit the new Galleries for the Texas Amethyst display at the Gem show:

Gem Show Display Gallery 1

Gem Show Display Gallery 2

Gem Show Display Gallery 3

Gem Show Display Gallery 4

Gem Show Display Gallery 5

Gem Show Display Gallery 6


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  1. John, your hobby must be one of passion because, from the looks of the digging around in the heat, it really is hard intensive labor! Do you know how the first person broke open a rock and found the treasure inside? I don’t but am curious. No wonder you love Alpine!

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