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Carver agate geode in a sterling silver bracelet specifically designed for this stone.

This sagenitic agate geode from The Carver is #38 of the total Carver bracelet production offered for sale. The #38 is embossed on the inside of the cuff-style bracelet.

Designed and fabricated by hand by John L. Carver, it is heavy and sturdy sterling silver southwestern design. Orange/yellow/red agate swirls frame a sparkling crystal-lined geode pocket, with a gold and black sagenitic formation that made this stone different from any other stone in the world.

This is a Carver Agate Field original to be seen and enjoyed on only one wrist. I designed a sterling silver crown to highlight the colorful sagenite. Note also the small sterling silver ‘mirror’ in the geode pocket, designed to reflect light out of the stone’s crystal-lined pocket back toward the eye.

Everything about this new bracelet is thoughtfully, intentionally, and yet subtly designed to enhance the reflectivity and beauty of this ‘Carver’ original. And one more thing: you have to see the ‘mirror ‘ reflecting light and color in bright sunlight.

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