Pendant #15: Texas Amethyst Agate Pendant


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This is the first and only amethyst agate jewelry from The Carver Agate Field of West Texas. This signature stone is the namesake for my company, Texas Amethyst Agate, and is one of the rarest stones found on The Carver Agate Field. The shape of the stone is totally natural, beautiful with no artificial enhancement. The rind of the original geode from which the stone was cut creates the shape of the stone and has been retained for beauty and uniqueness.

The setting is hand hammered gold-fill, designed by JLCarver for this signature stone, cut and polished by him. This is a special handmade piece that is over 15 years in the waiting, never to be duplicated and unlikely to be found again. It comes with a gold-fill 16″ snake chain.

This piece is extremely fragile and is not for everyone or all occasions. It is entitled to and demands special handling by the user. Be aware that this piece cannot make contact with hard surfaces. I would recommend that you put this piece on or take it off over a soft surface in the event it were dropped!

This piece is totally unique and of heirloom quality. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed making it for my 72nd birthday. See the new video and also the special Carver Report which documents the making of this special piece.

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