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The Carver Powder Blue Fortification Agate Bracelet

The Carver agate field in West Texas is all about the wide range of colors and sagenitic material (cool stuff) encased in its vast variety of agates, jaspers, and jasp agates.

This powder blue fortification agate is so unusual and elegant that I had to design and handcraft a new sterling silver bracelet worthy of the stone, and create the only bracelet I made in  2019.

The lower right hand corner of the stone contains a half-moon shaped blue agate with opalescence, e.g., depending on the light and orientation of the stone to the light, the blue area color varies in depth of color and reflectivity, much like some precious opals.

Even more interesting is the yellow cream-colored fortification pattern in the center, which appears as a three-dimensional ghostly apparition.

Each sterling silver bracelet has its own unique production number engraved inside the cuff (#33 in this bracelet) and is stamped ‘The Carver’ together with my service mark so as to assure its uniqueness as handmade by me from a rock found on The Carver.

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