Jasp-Agate Gallery

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This gallery contains three distinct varieties of specimens:

  • Jasper:  opaque (light does not penetrate); any color of chalcedony, which is a micro-crystalline (requires magnification for crystals to be seen) form of quartz.
  • Agate:  a banded translucent (lets light through) chalcedony of any color, most often found in nodules, geodes, or cracks in silicaceous volcanic rocks.
  • Jasp-agate:  a chalcedony with characteristics of both agate and jasper.  The basic component is silica (quartz), which may be either micro or macro crystalline (crystals can be seen without magnification).  It can be opaque, transparent or translucent (sometimes all three appear in the same specimen).  It can be banded like an agate or it can be like a jasper with agate structures, which form within cracks or fractures or vugs (small cave-like voids) in jasper.