Easter 2021 Gallery

This “Easter Gallery” is the result of another two weeks of exploring, cutting and polishing stones from ‘The Carver’ Agate Field Collection.

These stones are from several different areas of The Carver agate field, hence, many look quite different.

These specimens display some of the best colors and patterns. Try viewing them on a large screen if you can. Also try to see the amazing stones’ structure via enlargement.

4128 Plume agate – (view on desk top monitor if you have one) Shades of red orange yellow are an apocalyptic vision, I think….

4133 Viewer, please enlarge the photo. Fortification agate in blue center. Picture agate: A huge violent thunderstorm with two tornadoes in upper right corner viewed from top of mountain in foreground looking out at distance.

4135 Outstanding 3 dimensional plume agate!
4136 Odd custom free-form cut to catch all the stone has to show–at least that I could find.
4142 Picture agate western scene
4143 Mossy agate with crystal filled ‘vug’ below yellow line (‘Bullfrog Mountain’).
4170 MY FAVORITE! Tear drop designer cut stone. This is why I love to cut “Carver” material.
4144 Way cool!
4145 Classic ‘ Bullfrog Mt. agate’ (named by me) from The Carver. Formed in volcanic ash (white), not from a nodule in lava.
4158 Another example of ‘Bullfrog Mt. agate’ from The Carver
4166 ‘Bullfrog Mt. agate’ –note the typical white edge and picture agate look
4163 ‘Bullfrog Mt. agate’ –note the typical white edge and picture agate look

4146 Yellow citrine agate — rare in Texas (they tell me) but ‘The Carver’ is well known for the citrine. Read more: Rock and Gem Magazine, August 2018.

4153 Obelisk found in 2001: A Space Odyssey! Clear quartz vein agate with a ghost (not a fracture) running across. Micro crystalline quartz creating the faint wave of color seen if carefully viewed on good monitor. The white looking edge is oxidized quartz from millennia of exposure to sun. Many ‘Carver’ agates have a white exterior crust formed by millions of years of oxidation!
4161 I love the pattern and color. This is why I love cutting the endless variety found on ‘The Carver’
4168 Red and green jasp\agate – part jasper, part agate characteristics.
4172 and 4173 This is my #2 favorite from this week’s cutting! Unfortunately it has so much ‘stuff’ going on in it–a nightmare to photograph! The surface is unfractured and completely smooth even though it looks rough.
4173 This completely amazes rockers like me. Maybe not pretty…..but it is pretty amazing geological specimen. For what it is worth, it has clear quartz crystals from the top down the left side!