Summer 2024 Treasures from The Carver Agate Field

Summer 2024 Treasures from The Carver Agate Field

I hope you are having a great summer. Here’s what I’ve been working on lately. Enjoy!

Rock #5584

Rock 5584 is a “deep pit” blue banded agate with a euhedral quartz center with an odd single white band of fortification agate around a tiny geode cavity. The “deep pit” (so named by me) was the subject of a Rock and Gem Magazine article which you can read on this website. Just click the link.

Rock #5580

Rock 5580 is a yellow banded agate with sagenitic inclusions on the right side of the stone. It is interesting how often banded agates appear with the inclusions of sagenitic material.

Rock #5598

Rock 5598 is a sagenitic agate which illustrates the considerable amount of sagenitic inclusions to be seen in The Carver agates.

Rock #5591

Rock 5591 is a rare stone with a pink banded agate center surrounded by euhedral quartz and an outer rind of chalcedony. Usually the euhedral quartz center would be surrounded by the banded agate, not vice versa.

Rock #5592

Rock 5592 shows a red carnelian quartz outer rind surrounding a pure white euhedral quartz center. This again shows that normally the agate banding surrounds a euhedral quartz center, and not vice versa. In this case, however, the red carnelian is not banded and is, accordingly, probably chalcedony.

Rock #5593

Rock 5593 is a rare blue chalcedony without banding containing yellow and red inclusions, probably from mineralization which grew in the chalcedony during formation.

Rock #5596

If you take a close look at Rock 5596 (click on the image to bring up a larger version), you will see a very cool nodule cross-section, with multiple sagenitic inclusions surrounded by agate banding.

Rock #5601

Rock 5601 is a Carver Agate Field jasp/agate. It is a yellow jasper with blue agate inclusions and a fascinating pattern reminiscent of the early view of what were thought to be ‘canals’ on Mars. I love the patterns and coloration of The Carver jaspers and jasp/agates.

Rock #5618

Rock 5618 is a very large (2.5 x 1.25 inch) free form designer cab from the wonderfully varied Carver Agate Field. There is really nothing more to say about this stone except that it is unique and beautiful.

Rock #5604

Rock 5604 is a yellow jasper with beautiful red coloration on one side. It is a teardrop free form cab.

Rock #5605

Rock 5605 is another free form teardrop cab, but this stone contains a geode center attached to a spectacular and unique “fill tube” connecting the crystalline center to the rind of the rock. A close look at the fill tube and the geode center will be of interest to geode enthusiasts. Notice that there is no agate banding.

Rock #5606

Rock 5606 shows a beautiful and complex sagenitic agate—worthy of a closer look, so click the image for the larger version.

Rock #5621

Rock 5621 is a free form cab from an agate nodule cross-section. I love the interesting ‘stuff’ that keeps popping out of these agates. I never know what I am going to see when I cut into a nodule.

Rock #5620

Rock 5620 is a small nodule cross-section that illustrates how fun and interesting cutting this material can be. This small agate nodule has sagenitic “growths” on the bottom, then a chalcedony area, and then banded agate, and then a euhedral quartz center. Lots of good ‘stuff’ in a small package.

Rock #5612

Rock 5612 illustrates that sometimes the agate specimen is too interesting to cut and polish. This fascinating specimen has amethyst crystals in the lower left beside and along a banded agate bottom layer. The middle of the stone has reddish “star burst” sagenitic formations. The upper right contains botryoidal (nipple looking) structures formed in voids within the stone. Lastly, the upper left and mid right portions of the stone contain quartz crystals which formed in small voids within the larger stone. This specimen is not pretty, but it is intriguing and fun if you are a “rocker”.

I hope you enjoyed seeing the interesting material I have worked on so far this summer!



  1. Nice rocks. Hope you are well. Hotter than hell here for two months now.

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