CARVER AGATE FIELD: Winter 2024 Finds and a new Photo Gallery!

CARVER AGATE FIELD: Winter 2024 Finds and a new Photo Gallery!

Following serious health problems in November, 2023, I have this winter gotten back to my ongoing exploration of the stones of The Carver Agate Field of Far West Texas.

Be sure to click on each image below to see a larger version!

The featured stones above, 5431 and 5432, are free form cabs that really captured my imagination. Here is a close-up of 5431:

Rock #5431 Close-up

Stones 5434 and 5370 below are red carnelian agates both cut from the same source stone:

Stone 5499 is a fancy, free form oddball blue-green agate/jaspagate.
The green being the jasper part of the jasp\agate.

Stone 5433 is a second stone cut from the same source from which stone 5499 was cut.

Stone 5502 is a deeply colored citrine geode with a crystal filled vug
leading to/from the ‘fill tube’, so-called by some.

Citrine is always difficult for me to photograph. So, the actual cab specimen is more beautiful and deep colored than the photo shows.

Stone 5389 is another citrine geode agate with very cool euhedral quartz crystals along the top edge. The two parallel red bands make this cab unique and eye popping.

Stone 5407 is another citrine agate illustrating the diversity of the rocks of
The Carver Agate Field even within a narrow category such as citrine agates.

In other words, these rocks all fall within the same category of material, but they are all very different in their characteristics. This is the diversity that I am talking about. It is this amazing diversity of The Carver Agate Field stones that this website seeks to showcase to ‘rock enthusiasts’ such as my late friend, mentor and geologist, Bill Halepeska, of Midland, TX.

It was Bill Halepeska who stated that The Carver was “the most diverse, colorful, and unique agate find in Far West Texas since the early 1960’s.” It is Bill’s quote which graces both my business card and promotional materials. The stones featured in this posting are but a small part of a larger gallery of stones which will make up a new photo gallery entitled ‘Winter 2024 Gallery,’ now available at this link.



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