New Carver Report: Bullfrog Agate from Texas

New Carver Report: Bullfrog Agate from Texas

Bullfrog Agate, named by me, reflects the specific single and small location where this unique agate is found on The Carver Agate Field, located near Alpine, Texas. Bullfrog Agate has a formative process which is different from the geodes, nodules, agates and jaspers found throughout The Carver. Bullfrog Agate is characteristically identified by the soft white rind almost always surrounding a dazzlingly diverse array of colors and agate forms, which contain highly varied and spectacular sagenitic material.

For the full geological report and many more photos of this rare and fascinating agate, see Bullfrog Agate Report, the latest of the Carver Reports.



  1. Interesting. Why the name
    bull frog agate? The sound on the video is too low to hear!!


    • I think the answer to your question is contained in the New Carver Report: Bullfrog Agate from Texas. We have been having some technical issues on the site and I am concerned that some confusion may exist in how to go from the posting to the Report. Apparently, a link directly directly from the posting to the Report was problematic. Your question concerning the volume suggests that when you went looking for the report you hit the arrow on the video link. Is this what happened? Did you find the Report? I appreciate your help in trying to make this site easier to use particularly for people like me. Hope you are doing well!

  2. Beautiful stuff. Knew there were bound to be some great agates around Alpine. Several extinct volcanos around.

    • Thanks Kevin, the entire Carver Agate Field is on an old volcano. The variety of agates and jaspers from an apparently singular but ongoing volcanic event is wonderful and amazing to me. Give me a call if you’d like to talk about the agate field.

  3. I feel like this specimen has more layering 2 and almost 3 dimensional. This might be the first time I recall seeing that. Fascinating!! Reading the thread of comments I assume Bullfrog is a nod to the mountain on the ranch?

    • Thanks for the comment. Your observations and conclusions are very insightful and correct. My recollection is that you were there one December.

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