Carnelian Agate and Sheaves of Wheat

Carnelian Agate and Sheaves of Wheat

Rock # 5370
This carnelian agate is a likely candidate for a newly designed piece of jewelry.

Rock #5364

Rock # 5364
This reminds me of sheaves of wheat and, when enlarged, shows hollow shaft-like crystals
surrounded by agate swirls. While the ‘sheaves of wheat’ in this stone are interesting,
they do not make this stone a candidate for jewelry.

Rock # 5365
What was the formative process that made this ‘mess’?

Rock #5373
This caught my eye because it is not visually similar to the other ‘stuff’ that I found on The Carver.

I don’t know what it is but it is an interesting outlier.

Rock #5379
Use your imagination! Isn’t agate great!?

Rock #5369
Agate in basalt matrix.

Rock #5374
This is another cab from the agate in basalt matrix as seen in photo of Rock #5369.

This stone looks ‘post-apocalyptic’!
I love finding and highlighting the obscurities found in The Carver agates.

Finally, compare this pretty agate below (Rock #5363), from the glacial gravels of The Penobscot Bay beaches in Maine, with the West Texas Carver agate (Rock #5375). While these stones are similar in appearance, the West Texas agate has incomparable beauty and complexity.

Rock #5363

Rock #5375

This ends the blog postings of the day and maybe 2023—but you never know, I just might cut another beauty that I have to share this year! Thanks for reading and Happy Holidays!


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