Five Hot Memorial Day Freeform Cabochons

Five Hot Memorial Day Freeform Cabochons

While I have been busy getting my garden in and cleaning up the disaster from the last storm that took down over 12 trees, I squeezed in enough time for five distinctly different but super interesting designer freeform cabochons.

Cab #5136: Crystal lined dendritic agate geode

Cab #5150: Brecciated sunset agate in lava shards

Cab #5150: Note the lava shard below the sunset

Cab #5141: Crystal filled agate geode—may be in my next bracelet!

Cab #5148: Teardrop flower garden agate. I love the shape and pattern of this stone.

Rock #5144: An immensely complex agate. See close up below.

5144: Check out the colors, patterns and the very cool ‘blob’
nearly surrounded by the white area of the stone.

This stuff really fascinates me. Hope you enjoy it. And have a safe and enjoyable Memorial Day Weekend, too!

PS. This is the clean-up project I was working on
after a windstorm took out power in the area and
felled many trees . . .



  1. More very interesting rock patterns.

    • Thanks for keeping an eye on me. Any luck with your store sale? Anything I can do to help? My rock production will go down for a while…..summer’s here with gardening, lawns, etc. Hope you are doing well.

  2. Wow, John….. beautiful…. love the tear drop.

    • Thanks for your comment. I like hearing from people who like rocks! Hope to catch up with you sometime this summer.

  3. Your description of Lava below the sunset is spot on. Accurate description for sure. The arrow head shaped stone too is a really unique shape given whats its displaying. Good luck with the BRUSH lol!

  4. martha scott says:

    I love looking at your photos and using them as reference for my latest adventure in glazing my ceramic pieces. Primordial Soup Bowls.

    • As always, I enjoy your comments….thanks for following my work. Will you be posting pictures of your primordial soup bowls, I would love to see them. Hope all is well,

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