From Western Europe to Northport, Maine

From Western Europe to Northport, Maine

Eons ago, the featured stone was part of western Europe. It was part of the European plate which, according to plate tectonic scientists, crashed into the North American plate. When this occurred, a small portion of the European plate broke off and was left stranded. It attached to the North American plate when the two plates subsequently parted again. This plate movement slowly increased the distance between Europe and North America, which created the Atlantic Ocean. As these plates continued to move apart, there was a ripping of the ocean floor in the Atlantic, which explains the volcanic activity that is still going on in Iceland and the mid-Atlantic Ocean area.

Amphibolite / Rock #5142

So……what about this stone? The featured stone is from that part of the European crustal plate which rammed into what is now Northport, Maine, where my son Josh lives and I have a small camp. This stone was part of a mountain that I had previously thought to be black granite. While this stone is related to granite it is, in fact, called amphibolite.

More information about the featured stone is available in the newest Carver Reports.

Amphibolite / Rock #5146


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