“Bluest” Agate Bracelet

“Bluest” Agate Bracelet

This is the first bracelet I made in 2023. It is the “bluest blue” agate so far from The Carver.

The stone is 100% natural and is not treated in any way. I was so taken by the deep blue banded coloration that I decided I just had to put it in a new bracelet. The stone’s rectangular shape “drove” my design—sleek, simple and angular. As I have often said, the setting design is only for one purpose: to highlight the shape, beauty and uniqueness of the cut stone.

This bracelet is now available for purchase in the Shop!

“Bluest” Agate Bracelet

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  1. Wow, that’s gorgeous. Thanks for posting it.

    • Thanks for your comment and for watching my website. I am cutting rocks several times a week and wish I could post more photos but because I am a ‘web idiot’ I do all of my online work through a friend who is great at it!

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