Cryptic Message Leads to Brecciated Agate Pierced Earrings!

Cryptic Message Leads to Brecciated Agate Pierced Earrings!

I recently opened another box of rocks I had packed in Alpine, Texas, and brought with me back to Islesboro, Maine. I had put a slip of paper in the box which said:

“Rt. 67/90 dog pound N of water tank on right before a deep draw on ranch road”

The small box contained the material you see in this posting.

While cutting one of the ugly looking pieces, I hit something I really liked! The oval cab photo (#4992) and freeform cab photo (#4995) were cut from the same piece. The pierced earrings came from a fracture in the rough stone being cut. As I cut #4992 and #4995, two small shards broke off during the cutting in the saw.

Rock # 4992

Rock #4995

So! It appeared that I had two cut-able stones and two worthless broken shards–but not so fast! I liked the coloration and pattern of the shards: three colors of brown , i.e., top dark brown, middle beige, and bottom rust color. The shards had a natural broken shape which I ground and polished into what you see below: earrings!

I liked them enough to finish them into jewelry! I hope you like them, but if you don’t, I do, and I had fun.

And another thing: if you look closely, you can see the same beige and dark brown colors of the earring stone show up in the other two cabs, #4992 and #4995, which I cut from the original rough stone. My next blog posting will continue the brecciated agate theme with more geological exploration. You can have a piece of ‘The Carver’ agate field (and this history of the stone) at my online shop where I also just added these new brecciated agate earrings!



  1. If I had not already experienced your cryptic notes before Dad this would have proven even more amusing. I really like the uniformity in similar colors and shape seeing they were originally broken shards. Never a dull moment or stone or cryptic message. Hahahaha!

  2. Dont give up on rocks, a second career in comedy seems unlikely! Lol

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  4. This is so cool 😎

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