Carver Agate Field Variety, January 2023

Carver Agate Field Variety, January 2023

January in Maine is about keeping the wood stove full, dealing with ice and snow, and best of all, some time to cut and polish remarkably varied colors and types of agates, geodes, and jaspers that continue to come from The Carver Agate Field in Alpine, TX. As a group, these 11 cabochons (cabs), as well as the 7 rock specimens which will appear in the next blog posting, again tell the tale. Individually there are several quite unique and interesting stones for the rock enthusiast.

I would recommend you view these specimens as large as possible. You can open each image and enlarge it by clicking on it.

Rock # 4972 : Slab from a geode!
Notice a portion of the crystal lined geode pocket at lower left side of stone.

Rock #4951 : Carnelian (red quartz) fortification agate cab

Rock #4937 : I suggest you enlarge this photo and think ‘Ghostbusters”!

Rock #4934 : A pretty interesting fortification agate cab

Rock #4934 : Enlarged so you can see the yellow-orange dots

Rock #4938 : Fragmented filament fortification agate cab

Rock #4939 : Brecciated jasper/agate cab
Note the blue fortification agate on the right side of stone

Rock #4941 : Bull Frog Agate from The Carver

Rock #4945 : Bull Frog Agate from The Carver

Rock #4966 : Bull Frog Agate from The Carver

Rock #4942 : Slabbed agate nodule cab

Rock #4970 : Flower garden agate/jasp agate



  1. John I am always amazed by the great diversity of agate from your field.

  2. nothin to say but WOW! how beautiful!! First time I’ve seen Bullfrog my my.

  3. they are only found in one place on the carver agate field they are beautiful

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