Lava Breccia in Agate Matrix

Lava Breccia in Agate Matrix

What a unique and interesting cab!

Close-up shows lava shard at top center
Click on the image to view an enlarged version

Another cab from the same stone
Note the same lava shard (top center)

These two cabochons were cut from a single stone. The lava shard (top center in both stones) shows their common origin.

Above is another agate breccia with banded agate (top and lower right shards) with a lava shard in the lower center of the stone. Note the eye agate on the left center edge of the cut stone. While this stone is not pretty, it sure is interesting—at least to an old rocker like me.


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  1. John,

    I am amazed at the great variety of material you find at your place.


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