Spectacularly Interesting Carver Vein Agate!

Spectacularly Interesting Carver Vein Agate!

The jagged rind of this agate is the rough lava or crack in which the agate formed. While the crack was filling with dissolved silica, forming the fortification agate on the upper right, some fractured yellow jasper shards or chips fell into the vein or crack and was surrounded by the silica which agatized!

Photo 4690 shows the jasper shard, which was cut by the diamond saw:

Photo #4690

Photo 4689 is the same shard of jasper on the other side of the saw blade that cut this second slab:

Photo 4689

Photo 4689 enlarged is ‘filled’ with sagenitic inclusions that formed as silica was filling the crack or vein in the lava:

Photo 4689

This sagenite indicates the bottom of the rock as formed.

Note there is no such sagenite on the top side of the stone as seen in photo 4688:

Photo 4688

Gravity explains why the sagenitic inclusions are on the bottom of the stone when it forms.


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