My Birthday Agates!

My Birthday Agates!

These stones are maybe the prettiest agates I have cut.

Or, they just seem like the prettiest because I just cut them!

Both show clear evidence of red and yellow jasper that was fractured into shards and then cemented back together by silica which entered into the cracks. When the silica enters the cracks, it creates tiny fortification agates and other banded agates, e.g., a jasp-agate.

I think the patterns created are simply beautiful. The free form shapes of these stones are the result of trying to capture all of the detail and coloration that is present. If I had cut the stones in the more conventional round or oval cabochon shape, much of the stones’ patterns and coloration would have been lost.

Rock #4643

Rock #4645



  1. Fran Butkiewicz says:

    Beautiful, John, and have a great birthday! As for the shape, everything does not need to be what people expect it to be or have always been done before; be different; be what works for you!

  2. Nice talking to you today. Nice cabs you posted. Be well sir.

  3. Just beautiful larry! You must have inherited my talent!
    your sister,

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