The Lava Lamp in The Ghost

The Lava Lamp in The Ghost

This stone simply contains lots of cool stuff, particularly when enlarged or magnified. The unenlarged photograph shows a pale whitish ghost-like structure up through which a lava lamp-shaped log arises.

Rock #4186 : Click to enlarge

If you don’t think that is cool enough, take a look at the enlarged photos of the bottom center and bottom right of the stone. The bottom right of the stone as shown enlarged is a botryoidal structure, which is defined as having the appearance of a bunch of grapes.

Bottom Right of Rock #4186 : Click to enlarge

The other enlarged photo shows the botryoidal structure being cut open and appearing to have a somewhat hollow center.

Bottom Center of Rock #4186 : Click to enlarge

Later, I will be doing a more detailed examination of botryoidal agates, with more photos and discussion as to how I believe they are formed.

Rock #4569 : Example of a botryoidal agate


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