Lava Lamp Agate

Lava Lamp Agate

Lava lamp agate. I found it. I named it. Here is what you are really looking at.

Rock #4526

This is agate on the right side and lava matrix in which it is formed on the left side, cut and polished and set as a pendant in gold-fill wire wrap. This is a free form designer cut of an agate nodule still attached to the lava in which the nodule formed.

If you rotate the specimen 45 degrees counter clockwise, you will see the classical amygdaloidal shape.

Rock #4526 rotated 45 degrees

For those who may not have the word amygdaloidal on the tip of their tongues or in their lexicon, “amygdaloidal” generally means almond-shaped, typically with a flattened bottom and rounded top. This shape comes from the gas bubble pocket formed in lava which filled in with silica material which formed the agate.

This specimen is natural and not a glue job, although I am not opposed to the use of glue when required. I designed, shaped and hammered the gold-fill setting of 18-gauge wire. No, it is not a diamond or emerald, but more interesting even if less valuable. I coined the name lava lamp agate which may be a reflection of long cold Maine winters and what they do to your mind! Another oddity from The Carver.


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