Winter Stone Cutting and Wood Cutting in Maine

Winter Stone Cutting and Wood Cutting in Maine

My cutting of the voluminous Carver material continues between wood cutting activity to heat my home.

Rock #4604

Rock #4606

Winter is wood cutting time in Maine as the swamps and low places, which are otherwise filled with water, freeze hard, leveling out the low muddy places. I access these frozen places on my ATV and cut and haul out my firewood. I split the wood with my wood splitter and then stack it on my porch (a 2 to 4 day supply), move it inside, and then ‘feed’ my wood stove as needed.

Stove and Woodpile

Splitter and Woodpile

Why do I store wood inside when it is piled conveniently on the porch? Because this morning at 5 a.m. it was 7 degrees above zero and at 9:30 a.m. it had dropped to 0 degrees! Warm wood burns easier than cold wood. Cutting rocks is much easier than cutting wood, but when the temperature outside is 0 and the wind is blowing 25 to 35 mph from the northwest, and the Penobscot Bay shoreline freezes, I can really enjoy the wood heat.

Porch Woodpile

Frozen Maine Shoreline



  1. You are a true Manicac Larry you should be proud….and I know you are!

  2. Why don’t you spend the winter in Texas? would save on firewood. Ha HA!

  3. Dad always told me, as we cut wood, that wood heats us several times—cutting it, hauling it, splitting it, stacking it, and finally as it warms the house we got to enjoy our the fruits of our labor. I never minded cutting–it gave us time to talk about everything and anything. Dad was my hero. And, that, John is my rant of the day:)

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