Blue Filigree Agate

Blue Filigree Agate

I found it. I cut it. I named it.

This is another ‘one off’ from The Carver agate field. The stone is so spectacular, different, and beautiful, that I wish I had another stone or more of the same stone. I do not.

Rock #4576: Blue Filigree
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This is a slab from a single geode I cut around Christmas 2021. I strongly urge the viewer to enlarge the photo, if possible. The stone has various shades of blue and there are tiny light blue bubbles that give the agate opalescence, which is to say, it shimmers like an opal. Although the stone is not opal, I believe the same cause of opalescence in opals has caused this specimen to opalesce, e.g., the tiny grayish blue bubbles seen in this stone under magnification create the strong opalescent effect.

Rock #4576: Blue Filigree Detail

The gold filigree is set off by the various shades of blue that the stone displays. As is usually the case with agates appearing blue, this stone is actually not blue, but reflects light which appears as blue. I believe the bubbles enhance this effect and create the various shades of blue that you see. There will likely never be more of this material found from The Carver. It is truly a one-of-a-kind stone which was thrilling to find and cut.



  1. BEEEEUUUUUUTIIIIFUUULLLLL!! Outstanding stone! Keep up the good work Larry

  2. Cool specimen Dad. The yellow almost looks organic! Nice find.

  3. Interesting agate indeed…there has got to be some more out there!

  4. Thank you!

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