New to the Shop: Pendants!

New to the Shop: Pendants!

After much feedback, I have started a new product, in addition to my silver bracelets.

Pendants which are set in sterling silver or goldfill are the new product.

The bracelets are only set in sterling silver due to the fact that gold prices are astronomical. The pendants use much less precious metal and are, therefore, more affordable.

The pendants also allow for more unusual setting designs and can accommodate more variable stone shapes. The pendants are sold without a chain so that you can decide on the style, length, and weight of the chain that suits you, or use one you may already own.

You will find these new Pendants beginning on Page 3 of the Shop.

Enjoy them and let me know what you think!

Sagenitic agate in goldfill wirewrap

Large Carver agate cross-section


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  1. OOOH you have been busy in your shop!!! Very Nice…..

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