Four Stones I Just Cut and Really, Really Like!!

Four Stones I Just Cut and Really, Really Like!!

Photos 1 and 2: The huge 2 1/4″ cabs were each cut from the same Carver agate/jaspagate. Each has spectacular coloration and pattern and a tiny bluish fortification agate to set off the red/yellow/orange/green coloration.

Photo 3: This Carver agate came from a geode slab I cut. Enlarge this picture by clicking on it and take a closer look!! One of the most beautiful agates I have cut! The tiny ‘vug’ goes nearly through the stone and is set off by blue banding.

Photo 4: Carnelian agate with spectacular gold sagenitic inclusions.



  1. Now John those are very nice. I assume that are from your property???

  2. Thanks! And, yes they are from The Carver agate field. I have thousands more to cut and polish…I hope I live long enough! This website contains only rocks from The Carver agate field. If I post anything that is not from The Carver, I will note it.

  3. fiery is quite showy—that would be my favorite—Don’t worry, you will live long enough to cut and polish all of them:)

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