Carver Geode with New Mystery

Carver Geode with New Mystery

What are the tiny long black crystals inside the small white geode center? Baffles me!

I have cut open and looked at literally thousands of The Carver agate field nodules and geodes, but I have never seen this before.

I am hoping to find someone to identify what this is. The fact the tiny fragile crystals survived cutting and washing is amazing to me. I hope some of my West Texas rocker friends can help solve this mystery.

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  1. My bet would be some kind of saginite since we find a lot of that in rocks in this area.

  2. I know Larry Dinosaur Mosquito Larvae Do Not Let Hatch Just trying to be of assistance hahahaha

  3. If insects can be found in amber, why couldn’ t some animal/insect part be in the rock? Just sayin’ .
    BTW, I know nothing about rocks.

  4. I was thinking more around the idea of the bell around the cat’s neck in Men In Black!….a miniature alien civilization🥴😁

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