Gordon Sanborn: Another rocker friend ‘leaves the building’

Gordon Sanborn: Another rocker friend ‘leaves the building’

My good rocker friend Gordon Sanborn, of The Daily Grind in Alpine, Texas, passed recently. 

Gordie was a highly talented lapidist who ground rocks to sell, but mostly because he (like me!) just liked to make rocks shiny!  Gordie, who was from Detroit 70+ years ago, lost interest early on in formal education.  Instead, he explored the world and learned from it.  And learn he did!  He was a true artist with an enormous amount of creativity!  This creativity resulted in Gordie developing skills as diverse as boat building, flint knapping, and lapidary.  He even made his own Australian horn–a didgeridoo.  He has lived the diversity of America, from Detroit to Maine, Colorado, Alaska, and lastly, Texas.  He lived life in these places with an amazing skill-set that allowed him to live with self-sufficiency and personal freedom.  A free spirit who lived life to its fullest . . . on his terms!  I was privileged to have shared his last 10 years with him.  He, like me, was ‘old school’ and will be sorely missed.

Gordon Sanborn


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  1. Hi John,

    Well I had not about Gordon passing. He dropped by my shop in Study Butte a few weeks ago. I know he had COPD like me and was on an oxygen machine.

    Do you know id his wife will sell his equipment?



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