Easter Gallery from ‘The Carver’ Agate Field Collection

Easter Gallery from ‘The Carver’ Agate Field Collection

Another two weeks of exploring, cutting and polishing stones from ‘The Carver’ agate field.

Please visit the new Maine Gallery entitled ‘Easter Gallery’ to see them. These stones are from several different areas of The Carver agate field, hence, many look quite different. These specimens display some of the best colors and patterns.

Try viewing them on a large screen if you can. Also try to see the amazing stones’ structure via enlargement.

Not included in this gallery is another ‘first time seen’ from ‘The Carver’ agate field. The next posting will feature this ‘first’!

4170 MY FAVORITE! Tear drop designer cut stone. This is why I love to cut “Carver” material.
4161 I love the pattern and color. This is why I love cutting the endless variety found on ‘The Carver’

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  1. That bright yellow is quite interesting.

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