Rock & Gem Magazine Gets It Right

Rock & Gem Magazine Gets It Right

Rock & Gem Magazine’s three articles about The Carver Agate Field have now been published–with a necessary correction to the latest article which appeared in the December issue (see the cover below).

The three articles are:

The New Carver Agate Field: Is It Worth The Hype? Rock & Gem Magazine vol. 47, issue #8 (August 2017)

The Unicorn Citrine Scepter and Yellow Agates. Rock & Gem Magazine vol. 48, issue #8 (August 2018)

Captivating Find at the Carver Agate Field: Geological Mystery Draws Interest, Rock and Gem Magazine vol. 50, issue #10 (October 2020)

the correction

The most recent article and correction is the latest geological mystery solved by my geologist friend, Bill Halepeska, and me. This Rock & Gem article and its correction tracks in abbreviated form the geological mystery we discovered on The Carver–which we believe we have solved.

Click the image for a larger, more readable version.

the unabridged article

This latest chapter about The Carver Agate Field is an interesting ‘who done it’ outlining the nature of the mystery and how it was solved. Read the complete unabridged article for the whole story.

The original unabridged work contains more photos and geological detail than the Rock & Gem article. The unabridged work is recommended by both Bill and myself for serious ‘rock folk’.


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