Rock & Gem Article about The Carver Agate Field Published

Rock & Gem Article about The Carver Agate Field Published

The October Rock & Gem Magazine article entitled “Captivating Find at The Carver Agate Field,” by John L. Carver and Bill Halepeska, has been published.

Unfortunately, it was published with significant factual errors which occurred in Rock & Gem editing of the original article submitted.

Rock & Gem has agreed to correct the editing errors in an upcoming issue. When the corrections are published by Rock & Gem, will post the article here together with the corrections.

In the meantime, the original submission to Rock & Gem has been posted on this site and can be viewed now.

Here’s the cover of the October 2020 issue of Rock & Gem and the first pages of the article, to give you a taste of things to come.


First Page

Second Page


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  1. Richard Walter says:

    This is Richard Walter, the retired SRSU archaeologist. Just wanted to mention that there is really nice agatized breccia within an area on either side of the border between Travis Robert’s ranch and J.P Bryan’s ranch, on Maravillas Creek and, go figure, from the Maravillas Formation.

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