The End of the Beginning

The End of the Beginning

In April, 2020, the exploration of The Carver Agate Field ended after approximately 12 years.  That was the beginning.

The task has now turned to cutting, polishing and exploring the huge volume of The Carver rocks collected over the last 12 years.  This process has moved to the new ‘Carver’ headquarters being constructed at this time (see photos).

Years of further exploratory work will be featured on  During construction, however, there will be a delay extending into late fall.  Until then, I expect a major feature article  about The Carver Agate Field to appear soon in Rock and Gem Magazine.  This article, expected in the September issue, will be the ‘end of the beginning’ of the surface geological exploration of The Carver.   The article will be published here as soon as it has been published in Rock and Gem.  The article, co-authored with Midland geologist, Bill Halepeska, will reveal some final and very surprising geological facts about The Carver–the end of the beginning.


Future site of Texas Amethyst World Headquarters



  1. Nice! Can’t wait for the big reveal!

  2. We were sorry to hear you are shifting your headquarters, but we wish you the very best and look forward to seeing what’s in all those rocks!! Thanks for sharing a bit of the experience with us!
    Nina and Wayne

  3. I must hear the whole story. Welcome back!

  4. You are amazing John Larry Carver Good Luck my friend.

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