7+ Pound Banded Blue Agate with Geological Oddity Found Inside

7+ Pound Banded Blue Agate with Geological Oddity Found Inside

The ‘deep pit’ on The Carver agate field ‘popped’ a 7+ pound,  6 1/2″ x  3 3/4″ banded blue agate beauty!

While the ‘deep pit’ photo gallery on this website has lots of photos of ‘deep pit’ beauties, this specimen contains a large yellow inclusion (on the left side of the photo below) which has a blackish dendritic agate formation in and on its surface.

A dendritic agate is a tree-like or fern-like image.  The word dendrite is Greek for “tree-like.”  Normally, these dendritic formations from The Carver have formed on the outside surfaces of a geode or nodule, as shown below in photo 2849.  What is geologically odd is that this dendrite formed on the yellow material which broke off and fell into the gas bubble pocket, which was then encased inside the larger blue agate when it later formed.

I believe this was likely an 8-step geological process, explained in detail in the ‘Blue Banded Dendritic Agate Report’ in The Carver Reports on this website.


Photo 4074


Photo 4080


Photo 4076


Photo 2849


  1. Interesting agate.

    I trust you are staying well John. This lockdown is costing me half my annual sales income but
    better than getting the “bug”.


  2. Ring, I think that all of us are to one degree or another taking a beating from the pandemic. I know you have been around forever selling rocks, and I know you will come through this healthy. Thanks for your interest in texasamethystagate.com.

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