New Year Powder Blue Fortification Agate Bracelet

New Year Powder Blue Fortification Agate Bracelet

This bracelet and its powder blue agate stone were created just before Christmas 2019–the only bracelet I made in 2019.

It is a great start for 2020 and is gemologically interesting. Though at first, this blue agate may merely seem beautiful and elegant, it is much more, particularly if you like rocks like I do!

First, the lower right hand corner of the stone has a half moon shaped blue area of finely banded agate. This fine blue banding displays opalescence, e.g., its blue color and reflectivity subtly changes depending upon the intensity and type of light (natural, incandescent, fluorescent, LED, etc.). Second, the orientation of the stone to the light will change its reflectivity and brightness.  This is very much what you would see with certain types of precious opal.  Third, the fortification agate (named so because it has a shape with angular corners, like looking down from above upon a medieval fortification) creates the illusion of being a three dimensional ghostly apparition.



Look closely at the image (if your device has magnification) and you will see a white outer band and then several fine yellow bands, followed by a nearly transparent band encasing a fluffy cream-colored center that actually appears to be an indentation in the stone. The stone’s surface is, however, absolutely flat. This is a three-dimensional illusion.

This stone was cut from one of several slabs that were sawed from a moderately-sized (4″+\-) agate nodule. Photos of the slabs are included below. As you can see, each side of each slab presents a different coloration and pattern. I chose a slab which has the pattern which you see and then used a small diamond trim saw to cut away and discard the portion of the slab I did not want to use.  From the remainder of the slab, I shaped and polished the stone which I used in the bracelet.

This bracelet is available for purchase in the SHOP for $660 and represents a rock hunter’s dream come true–I hope you enjoy it, too!

PS. Look for the three dimensional ‘aspirin tablet’ with a white top and yellow center in one of the slabs.



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