YouTube Video: Rock Cutting and Polishing!

YouTube Video: Rock Cutting and Polishing!

I recently posted 7 new picture galleries of over 100 rocks from the ‘deep pit’ found on The Carver.

The ‘Deep Pit Agate, Amethyst, Smoky Quartz Geode Gallery’ is divided into 7 separate galleries:

1:  Geodes and Nodules before Cutting

2:  Amethyst Geodes

3:  Citrine Geodes

4:  Banded Blue and Gray Agates and Geodes

5:  Smoky Quartz Geodes

6:  Calcite Geodes

7:  Miscellaneous 

These galleries display cut and polished specimens from the ‘deep pit’ and reflect over a year’s worth of work.

My YouTube video shows this week’s find of over 15  pounds of new ‘deep pit’ agates and geodes and demonstrates how I cut and polish them in my shop.

Be sure to enlarge the video screen for better viewing. Enjoy!



The rock I am holding here is a deep pit agate.


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