Geologically Significant: New Amethyst Agate Geode Find

Geologically Significant: New Amethyst Agate Geode Find

A 16+ pound amethyst agate geode found on ‘the Carver’ has recently been cut into 3 pieces, and polished.

The geode rind is purple amethyst and approximately 1 1/2″ thick in most places. This thick amethyst rind encircles an approximately 5 1/2″ x 2″ crystal-filled hollow center.

The amethyst crystals in the geode center are covered with a secondary surface mineral crystallization of a yellow/beige color. Even more interesting, the yellow/beige mineralization layer coating the amethyst is, in places, coated with a gray/black crystallization layer apparently involving a third type of mineral (I am seeking expert assistance to identify the mineralization involved). The gray/black mineralization layer appears to have intruded into the geode through the rind of the geode, into its center. This intrusion is visible on the photos shown.


Amethyst Agate Geode Slice A

Amethyst Agate Geode Slice B


This specimen is geologically significant because it was found in Texas, which is not well known for significant amethyst formations. While this type of specimen would be uninteresting and extremely common in Brazil, it is extraordinary in terms of Texas amethyst formations. Although small amethyst geodes (softball size and smaller) have been found on ‘the Carver’ and in other agate fields in West Texas, it appears, according to five West Texas rock experts with whom I have consulted, that an amethyst geode exceeding a grapefruit in size has not previously been observed.

Hence, the extraordinary size and fascinating secondary and tertiary mineral crystallization of this amethyst geode make it by size, color, and content geologically significant for a Texas specimen.

I am seeking a permanent public home for this specimen in a Texas museum. Please contact me if you are aware of a venue that would like to be ‘home’ to this beauty.

See my complete report for more information regarding this geologically significant amethyst geode.


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  1. Looks to be an amazing find! Makes those hours of “mining” worthwhile.

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