New Bracelet: Houdini Agate

New Bracelet: Houdini Agate

New bracelet!

The 4+/- acre part of ‘The Carver’ discovered and shown in the 2018 Diversity Galleries produced the surrealistic stone featured in this new bracelet. This stone is a cross-section of a geode (a hollow center stone), which after being formed with a crystalline lining in its hollow center, somehow filled with a densely yellow-colored chalcedony (a micro-crystalline quartz, e.g., you can not see the quartz crystals with the naked eye). After the yellow center filled and hardened within the hollow of the geode, a fracture or crack formed in the yellow center.

This fracture, or crack, was later filled (healed) by a thin layer of red silica which somehow got through the outer stone wall of the geode and the yellow center of the stone. In short, it took three different steps to form this beautiful and extraordinary, inexplicable stone. The photo below shows the rest of the stone from which the stone in the bracelet was cut.

Weird Agate #2556 (lots of inclusions)

Unfortunately, this bracelet has already been sold, but you can read about it and see more images in the Shop.


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  1. Is it possible to hunt agate on your ranch?

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