New Year 2018 Diversity Galleries

New Year 2018 Diversity Galleries

Fifteen Agate Types Found in Small Area on “The Carver”

A small, approximately 4 +/- acre area of ‘The Carver’ has provided all of the stones that are referenced in this posting and in the New Year 2018 Diversity Galleries (March 2018).  In addition to the citrine scepter, subject of a blog posting dated January 21, 2018, this small area has produced a staggering array of beautiful and diversely colored gem stones.  How all of these stones, including citrine and amethyst, were formed in such a small area is the subject of ongoing geological inquiry with the help of geologist Bill Halepeska of Midland, Texas.

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Rock #2470
Rock #2485
Rock #2521

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