New Bracelet: Unique “Carver” Agate

New Bracelet: Unique “Carver” Agate

Every now and then, I come across something unique.

This new bracelet is a ‘Carver’ agate with red, yellow, orange, and green jasper all in the same stone!

It features a small natural crystal geode-like void along the edge of the blue fortification agate.  I cut this stone to capture all of these colors within a single stone for this special bracelet.

This stone is totally unique in coloration, completely natural, and hand cut and polished by me.

Bracelet #2533 is set in sterling silver, marked with the J. L. Carver service mark and #22 on the back. It is available in the Shop now.

I think you will agree it is unique!


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  1. I guess we know who has the talent in the family!!!

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