Designer Gem Stones Gallery #5

Designer Gem Stones Gallery #5

We are about halfway through the new Designer Gem Stone Galleries, with Gallery #5 going live today! Be sure to visit and check out these new polished stones.


Photo #2267:  Red and yellow jasper with green/blue silica agatization and lots of inclusions.  A wonderfully complex and beautiful stone.

Designer Gem Stone #2267

Photo #2276: “West Texas baconite.” I found it, I named it. This agate is part of the rind of a broken geode. Note the crystals from the geode center on the bottom.

Designer Gem Stone #2276

Photo #2281:  Cross-section of nodule, red/orange/yellow fortification agate with lots of mossy or bread-moldy-looking inclusions to the right.

Designer Gem Stone #2281


  1. The “Flame” is a beautiful stone, but the “West Texas baconite” just gorgeous with all my favorite colors. Larry, the work you do and final result is amazing. You should be so proud of your accomplishments. Keep it up dude.

  2. Thanks for the comment. There is a whole bunch of new stuff coming…..keep watching and hope you enjoy it!

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