The Carver Family Jewels

The Carver Family Jewels

New gemstone gallery!

This collection showcases mostly cabochons and free form gemstones, hand cut and polished by John Carver.

They dramatically depict the diversity of the gemstones which have been found over the last 8 years on The Carver.

View these new stones at the Designer Gem Stones Gallery 1.

This new gallery is the first of several, so stay tuned!



  1. OMG John, these (and the scepter) are incredible! I hope you will give us a tour of them in person the next time we are at Fort Krevit!

  2. It was my ‘unicorn’ find! Totally unexpected and a thrill. Glad you enjoyed it. And yes, we will leave the light on for you when you are in the ‘hood next.

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