The Scepter

The Scepter

Two exciting new specimens from The Carver! One is a spectacular citrine (yellow quartz) ‘scepter’. Scepter quartz is a first and second generation of quartz crystal growth, one on top of the other, with the second generation, or top of the scepter, being larger than the first generation crystal.

The name scepter is taken from the scepters of lore held by kings. Clear quartz (uncolored), amethyst (purple quartz), and smokey quartz scepters are not extremely rare. Citrine, which is a light yellow or gold-brown quartz and, according to Walter Schumann (who I think has written one of the best treatises on gemstones), on page 120 of Gemstones of the World, “natural citrine is rare. Most commercial citrine are heat treated amethyst or smokey quartz”.

This scepter specimen has not been treated in any way. Therefore, its coloration as a natural citrine is rare and even more unusual having formed as a ‘scepter’. This specimen was found in a geode cavity which I cut open on a diamond saw. While quartz crystals are common in geodes, needle-like crystals such as those in the scepter are quite rare. This is the first citrine that I have encountered from The Carver in over 8 years of rock hunting!

What makes the scepter even more special, spectacular, and rare are the clarity of the crystal, the depth of the natural yellow crystal color, and the nearly perfectly formed six-sided crystal scepter tip which appears to terminate as a near perfect quartz point. In the metaphysical realm, quartz scepters are claimed to provide extreme directional energy (I really need some of this… results yet), a higher plane of spirituality, and a sense of the ‘royal’ to the user (my wife said I have had this for far too long!). What additional powers may come from a citrine scepter, I do not know, but any powers seem most likely due to the extreme rarity. Lore is that the royalty of Lemuria and Atlantis carried wands and staffs with scepter crystals embedded in them. For me this is one of the most rare and exceptional finds that I have made and a clear example of the extraordinary diversity of The Carver agate field.

The second specimen is a nicely formed and pretty geode with plume agate arising to make it even more special (see below). More plume agate photos will be coming in the near future.



  1. Fran Butkiewicz says:

    John, these are beautiful photos and definitely representing a lot of work!

    These are not my words! But, what???????

    “General Scepter Quartz Crystal Information

    These crystals are symbols of power. The energy flows to the heart (center) of everything.

    They are energy powerhouses and command respect when using them.

    A Quartz Scepter is a powerful manifesting crystal and must be used wisely. Make sure it is something you really want, or more importantly, actually need!

    Quartz Scepter crystals help one with self-forgiveness.”

  2. Glad you enjoyed the scepter and I enjoyed the metaphysical addendum you posted. Stay tuned for more upcoming galleries of my designer\free form cab work over the last many years. Thanks for taking a look and enjoying it.

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