The Blue Druzy

The Blue Druzy

Blue druzy unexpectedly discovered while disposing of brush. What a lucky accidental find!

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  1. Did you chip open a rock/geode to expose it or did it look like this when you picked it up? Interesting as it looks like pebbles or eggs inside. Are they quartz?

  2. WOW! Have you cut this open yet?


  3. When this druzy was picked up it looked exactly as you see it except for cleaning it with water. I have not cut it open and probably will not as it is a good specimen and more interesting as it is. It is quartz and typically the druzy layer you are seeing is extremely thin, usually less than 1/8 ” thick. The material behind this layer would look very different from the druzy. So far I have found blue, red, purple, white and yellow druzy! Glad you enjoyed it.

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