NEW Bracelet!

New bracelet made by me, September 2017.

A great example of red and yellow agatized jasper from ‘the Carver’.  I can no longer offer this for sale as it is gone already!  No wonder….. it is a very special stone.

I will add this bracelet to my bracelet gallery so others can enjoy it, too.



  1. Yes, the stone and bracelet is beautiful; a lot of energy and heart goes into your work/passion!

  2. Thanks for your comment and ‘tuning in’ to my website. I expect to have more bracelets in the near future as I have recently found some beautiful new stones from ‘the Carver’ that will make very unique pieces of jewelry. Keep watching as I will soon be adding new stones for the viewers to enjoy.

  3. I absolutely love this bracelet!!! It is the most beautiful bracelet I have ever seen!

    How much will you sell it to me for?


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