Rock & Gem Magazine!

Rock & Gem Magazine!

In their August 2017 issue, Rock & Gem Magazine will be running an in-depth article, which I have authored, about ‘the Carver’ agate field.

I hope that you take a look at it and let me know what you think.

I will be posting the article here at the website later this summer if you do not subscribe to Rock & Gem Magazine.

A little about Rock & Gem Magazine:

Since 1971, Rock & Gem has been the leading magazine for the lapidary and mineral hobbyist. Not a trade journal and not a scientific dissertation, it speaks to the average rockhound, providing just the right blend of entertainment and satisfying information. Armchair hobbyists and diehard diggers alike will find something to enjoy in each issue.

Lifetime hobbyist and Carnegie Award winner Bob Jones heads up a group of experienced and knowledgeable contributors. Bob’s lighthearted style brings readability to in-depth articles on minerals, classic deposits, and collecting trends. His writing reflects over 80 years of rockhounding experience and mineral study.

Field trip writers ferret out the collecting spots that deliver the goods and give you clear directions to an enjoyable outing. Field trips range from day-long, family-friendly outings to extended-stay adventures in the great American wilderness.

Not sure what to do with the gems from your last field trip? Step-by-step projects for lapidaries of all skill levels will soon have you tumbling, polishing, faceting, and making jewelry like a pro.

Regular columnists Steve Voynick, Bob Rush and Russ Kaniuth share their insights on the science of minerals and lapidary techniques. —from the About page at Rock & Gem Magazine


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