New Bracelet

Another new bracelet to add to the collection!

This stone is cut from a cross section of a geode found in ‘The Carver’.

Petite crystalline center with a ghostly outline surrounding the pure white geode crystals–all surrounded by a virtually transparent glowing golden agate with the outer edge of the geode rind peaking out from under the bezel.  This is an extremely unusual stone.

Set in heavy sterling silver band handmade by J.L. Carver, numbered (#20), and marked with John L. Carver service mark.  The stone is from ‘the Carver’ find, completely natural, cut and polished by hand by J.L. Carver.


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  1. JLC

    Nice job on the way you crafted the article in Rock & Gem. And, some pretty fancy bracelets you make.!! Seriously impressive. Great to see someone having so much fun after “retirement.”


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