Rock Hunting

Rock Hunting

I went rock hunting for 2 hours yesterday. Here is the picture of the rocks I found.

More on what I found yesterday when I cut them.



  1. Hi John! Wish I was out there with you!

  2. Nina, hello! I miss rock hunting with you guys and hope you can get back out soon. I hope that the info on the website will keep you amused until your return. I am still getting great finds every week. The range\diversity of the rocks in the ‘Carver’ continue to amaze me and keep it interested. The rocks shown on the truck tailgate are being cut, one is phenomenal, and several mediocre. That is the way it goes, of course. The phenom will be photographed and brought up soon. It is blue with pink\amethyst? And 6″ +\- wide. It looked like nothing at first, but was a great surprise. Stay tuned.

  3. Clark Kimball says:

    Well, you look like John Carver! And you sound like John Carver! And your workshop looks like a greatly expanded version of your basement shop back at 10 Church St. So, you must be John Carver. . . .I haven’t yet lost my mental acuity. Needless to say, I am impressed–a much more civilized approach to life than skirmishing on the legal battlefields of Maine. Do you have a not-business email–might be nice to catch up and compare notes–strangely enough about three hours ago I was doing a JLC search on google, finding nothing of interest, so I looked up Ross, which led to Kristin, a partner powerhouse! Life goes on. Anyway, what you are doing sounds absolutely great. Please tell me more. Hi Tanya! Clark

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